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Exam sessions 2020

* IDTA  Exams  Sun 22nd March.

* BBO  Exams  Sun 19th  April

Forthcoming events 2020

*  ‘Chance to Dance’:  Sometime in July (details later) in Sheffield City Centre.

 Holiday Dates in 2020

 *  Feb Half term:     No classes Mon 17th Feb. to Sat 22nd Feb. inc. (Resume classes on Mon 24th Feb).

 *  Easter:     No classes Mon 30th Mar to Mon 13th Apr inc. (Resume classes on Tues 14th Apr).

 *  May Day:                No classes on Fri 8th May.

 *  Spring Bank Hol:   No Classes on Mon 25th May to Sat 30th May inc. (Resume classes Mon 1st June).

 *  Summer:                  No classes on Mon 27th July to Mon 31st Aug inc. (Resume classes on Tues 1st Sept).

 *  Autumn Half term:       No classes on Mon 26th Oct to  Sat 31st (Resume classes on Mon 2nd Nov).

*  Christmas:  We break up after classes on Saturday 19th Dec.

So: there will be no classes from Mon 21st Dec to Sat 2nd Jan inc.(Resume on Mon 4th Jan 2021.

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