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SCHOOL CLOSED  from  19th March 2020

CORONAVIRUS  (Corvid-19)

Unfortunately, Sylvaine is now closed until further notice due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Also cancelled are:

IDTA Exams on Sunday 22nd March – to be rescheduled and fees to be held and transferred to new date (refund on request).

BBO Exams on Sunday 19th April – to be rescheduled and fees to be held and transferred to new date (refund on request).

Keep safe everyone and watch this space.  (details also on facebook).

ZOOM Classes

Starting in June, we are holding some Zoom on-line classes.  If you are interested in participating please e-mail Miss Perry:

Let us know if you would like any other type of class on-line.

Exam sessions 2020 – Re-scheduled                                              (hopefully!)

* IDTA  Exams  Sun 15th November

* BBO  Tap Exams  Sun 29th November

Forthcoming events 2020 – cancelled, see above.

*  ‘Chance to Dance’:  Sometime in July (details later) in Sheffield City Centre.

 Holiday Dates in 2020 – amended, see above.

 *  Feb Half term:     No classes Mon 17th Feb. to Sat 22nd Feb. inc. (Resume classes on Mon 24th Feb).

 *  Easter:     No classes Mon 30th Mar to Mon 13th Apr inc. (Resume classes on Tues 14th Apr).

 *  May Day:                No classes on Fri 8th May.

 *  Spring Bank Hol:   No Classes on Mon 25th May to Sat 30th May inc. (Resume classes Mon 1st June).

 *  Summer:                  No classes on Mon 27th July to Mon 31st Aug inc. (Resume classes on Tues 1st Sept).

 *  Autumn Half term:       No classes on Mon 26th Oct to  Sat 31st (Resume classes on Mon 2nd Nov).

*  Christmas:  We break up after classes on Saturday 19th Dec.

So: there will be no classes from Mon 21st Dec to Sat 2nd Jan inc.(Resume on Mon 4th Jan 2021.

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