Information on classes

Classes are held for all age groups from 2 years to adults in all branches of the I.D.T.A. and B.B.O. syllabuses. A current timetable and a list of classes and examination dancewear is displayed on the notice board in the first dressing room. copies can be obtained from Miss Perry or any member of staff.

Examination Classes

It is usual on reaching the age of 5 years for pupils to attend an examination class in at least one of the Theatre Dance subjects. This is in addition to a general class. This not only ensures the necessary progression and experience for the serious dancer but also maintains the purpose and standard of the school. Certificates and badges are awarded for their achievements

Payment of lessons

Fees are charged monthly in advance.  A monthly invoice is issued at the end of the month and is due for payment on your first lesson of the following month.  Fees not paid by 15th of the month will incur a £5 administration charge.


Holidays usually follow the statutory day-school holidays. We close for the whole of august. If holidays are taken in term time lesson fees are still payable. Weekend holidays are also payable. * see below.

Illness and Injury

In the case of long illness or injury, if Miss Perry is advised prior to the lessons, an agreed deduction will be made on the following months envelope.

* if pre-paid lessons are missed for holidays, minor illness or other reasons, pupils may attend suitable alternative classes in exchange, by arrangement with Miss Perry, or class teacher.


Examinations in the I.D.T.A. and B.B.O. are held two or three times a year at the studio. Notification of the exam dates are usually displayed three months in advance and examination fees need to be paid one month before the exam date.


Shows are held every two years at one of the Sheffield theatres. Displays and open classes are also held at various times during the year. Letters and notifications with all relevant information about these performance are sent out to parents / carers well in advance.

Dressing Rooms

The notice board is situated in the first dressing room. Information letters are given out frequently to pupils, however it is advisable to look on the notice board for other important information. There is also a ‘sales & wants’ section provided on the notice board. Dads and boys are respectfully requested to use the first dressing room only please, leaving the other rooms free for mums and girls who wish to change in private. Special arrangements can be made for boys attending classes.